"Worldwide Urukunchu Tabarunchu Festival 2022" is over.

Worldwide Urukunchu Tabarunchu Festival 2022

Impressions of the Festival

Chairman of General incorporated foundation Society of property administration of Aza Oroku : Masayuki Takara (Agarimeufuyaguwa)

I hope you are doing well in your busy schedule.

The "Worldwide Urukunchu Tabarunchu Festival 2022" held at Orokujichikaikan on Wednesday, November 2, was a great success.

Due to the global COVID-19, we decided to hold the festival, even with a small number of participants. However, there were 37 participants in total, 21 from Hawaii, 2 from Zambia and 14 from Brazil. About 180 people from the local people participated in the festival, with a total of more than 200 participants.

Hawaii : Howard Kenji Takara (the head of the delegation, MiUfuya), Jason Takara (the chairman of Oroku Azajinkai, Agarimiufuya)

Zambia : Hatsuko Takara (Sakugawa, who received an award "Kyokujitsusokosho")

Brazil : Masaaki Yogi (the chairman of Orokutabaruazajinkai, Miyuji), Ritsutada Takara (Yonanagarikushiameku), Felipe Hideki Uehara (Naha City overseas migrant trainee in South America, Nishimichinuui)

Okinawa : Dance "Kagiyadefu" [Chihiro Miyagi (Neyaguwa), Shinsho Miyagi (Niyaguwa)], Karate [Yuki Oshiro (Hennaguwa)], Dance "Kunjansabakui" / "Hatagashira" [Youth group of Aza Oroku and Aza Tabaru], Band performance [Band SS Company]

We would like to thank the many people who made this festival a great success under the co-sponsorship of Azaorokuzaisankanriuneikai (Masayuki Takara : chairperson of the board), Azatabaruzaisankanriuneikai (Kenichi Uehara : chairperson of the board), Azaorokujichikai (Kaoru Uehara : Chairperson of the community) and Azatabarujichikai (Tatsuaki Kinjo : Chairperson of the community), Yamashitachoazaorokujinkai (Seijiro Teruya : Chairperson of the community).

And also we would like to express my gratitude to many people, including those involved in Azaoroku, Azatabaru, Munchu, Naha, as well as volunteers.

we hope that they will continue to take pride in themselves as the "Urukunchu and Tabarunchu of the world" and deepen their exchanges, so that the younger generation will grow up even more.

We are looking for participants for the 100 year anniversary celebration of the Hawaii Oroku Tabaru Azajin on March 5, 2023. We hope that many of you will join us.

I wish you all a happy new year.

December 26, 2022

Thank you very much for coming!

On November 2, 2022, a party to welcome immigrants from Uruku and Tabaru in the world was held at Oroku Jitikaikan, a community hall in Okinawa. The event was broadcast live on YouTube.

Thank you very much for coming from all over the world, including Hawaii, Brazil and Zambia. We are very glad that We were able to see everyone again after a long time and spend a meaningful time with all of you. We are confident that this exchange will further develop our Urukunchu Tabarunchu community. We look forward to seeing you again at the next festival. Thank you very much for coming.

Archived YouTube Live Streaming

You can watch the live streamed video on YouTube.


Photos from the day of the convention are available.

Worldwide Urukunchu Tabarunchu Festival 2022

"Worldwide Urukunchu Tabarunchu Festival 2022" is over.

To Urukunchu and Tabarunchu from Brazil, Hawaii, Zambia, Mexico, South America, the United States, and around the world

We are pleased to inform you that the "World Urukunchu and Tabarunchu Festival" will be held on the following dates.

If you wish to participate in the festival, please click the "Application for participation" button below and fill out the form by October 14, 2022.

We sincerely look forward to your participation. Matchoibindo.

General incorporated foundation Society of property administration of Aza Oroku
Chairman of the Board of Directors Masayuki Takara(Yago:Agarimeufuyagua)

Holding guidelines

Event Name Worldwide Urukunchu Tabarunchu Festival
Date Wednesday, November 2, 2022
Reception time 5:30 p.m. - (JST : UTC+0900)
Start time 6:30 p.m. - (JST : UTC+0900)
End time 9:00 p.m. (JST : UTC+0900)
Venue Oroku Jichi Kaikan 2F(5-4-6 Oroku, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan)
Banners to mark the venue
Near the venue, we plan to put up some flags to mark the route.


  1. Welcome speech
    Masayuki Takara, Chairman of Society of property administration of Aza Oroku
  2. Toast
    Ken-ichi Uehara, Chairman of Society of property administration of Aza Tabaru
  3. Chatting time
  4. Dance "KAGIYADEFU"
    Ms. Chihiro Miyagi / Mr. Sinsho Miyagi
  5. Introduntion and speech
    Members of Hawaii, Zambia and Brazil
  6. Dance "Kunzansabakui"
    Azaoroku youth group / Azatabaru youth group
  7. Chatting time
  8. Kachaashii
  9. Commemorative photo
  10. Closing speech
    Tatsuaki Kinjo, Chairman of Community of Aza Tabaru
  11. Demonstration "HATAGASHIRA"
    Azaoroku youth group / Azatabaru youth group

Uruku Kunji exhibition will be held at the same time

What is Uruku Kunji?

It is a fabric dyed with Ryukyu indigo. It is affectionately called "Uruku Kunji" because of its dark blue color. It was mass-produced in the Oroku region until the early Showa period. However, everything was burned down in the war. "Uruku Kunji" was familiar to many people because of its careful manual work. Volunteers gathered and established the "Uruku Kunji Study Group" to work hard for the revival of Uruku Kunji. Currently, we are expanding our activities based in the Aza Oroku Jitikaikan.

Uruku Kunji Mini-Exhibition

An exhibition of "Uruku Kunji" will be held at the venue on the same day. Please come and see the beauty of the textile and its high technology up close.

In the building next to the venue, you will be able to see the Urukukunji workshop from 5:30 to 6:20 p.m.

Uruku Kunji Small Items for Sale

We also sell accessories made of Uruku Kunji. (Please note that the number of items is limited.)

A "San" is an charm typically made of silver grass or thatch. It was believed that if food was taken out of doors, it would be possessed by bad things, causing it to spoil. It was customary to affix a "San" to the food as a charm to prevent it from being possessed by such bad things. Even today, "San" is sometimes made from leaves or paper and affixed to food.

Prevention of the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection

Measures to be taken by the organizer

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and ensure the safety and security of participants, the following measures will be thoroughly implemented.

  • Participants will be asked to wear masks, disinfect their hands, and wash their hands.
  • Regularly disinfect places that are touched by many people (doorknobs, faucets, and other places where viruses may have adhered).
  • We will thoroughly ventilate the venue.

Request to participants

For the safety and security of yourself and your family, we ask that all participants cooperate with the following.

  • Please wear a mask at all times in the venue.
  • Please wear a mask when conversing with others, even during meals.
  • After taking a picture with your mask off, please be sure to put it back on.
  • Please wash your hands and disinfect your fingers regularly.

We will put the health of participants first and take thorough measures. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.